Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Experience the Magic of the Sea: Maldives Scuba

With pristine white sand beaches, healthy, thriving, colorful coral reefs, abundant sea life, and some of the friendliest people to be found anywhere on the planet, the Maldives is renowned as one of the world’s best scuba dive destinations.  Now it is more affordable than ever for divers to explore this one of a kind natural paradise!

Maldives Scuba Magic: Dive With Manta Rays

The Maldives Islands are surrounded by thousands of small colorful coral reefs, home to a vibrant array of sea life.  Beyond the coral reefs, the currents are stronger and rich with small sea life.  This makes the Maldives incredibly attractive to Manta Rays. These gentle giants love to swim slowly through the area, enjoying the warm water and feeding. You can see spotted rays and eagle rays, as well as larger sea life including whale sharks and the occasional hammerhead.

Maldives Scuba Magic: The World’s Best Drift Diving

The strong currents surrounding the Maldives make this a prime location for superior drift diving.  Choose to voyage on either the Ark Royal or the Maldives Princess – both boats offer the very best Maldives live aboard dive experience – and you’ll be brought to the region’s best dive locations. Enjoy the pristine conditions, rich array of diverse sea life, and the experience of diving with a skilled, experienced, and very friendly team of dive professionals.

Every diver should have the chance to experience Maldives scuba.  The beauty of the region is unmatched. The sea life is rich and abundant. The Maldives live aboard scuba experience pairs below-the-waves adventure with luxurious comfort on board.

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