Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dive Trip Report

What’s it like to dive the Maldives? We’ve been getting lots of reviews, and frankly, they’ve all been raves.  There’s a reason why a Maldives Scuba Vacation is considered the experience of a lifetime for divers of all experience levels.

Why Dive The Maldives

The waters surrounding the Maldives Islands present a truly unique marine environment. There are hundreds of islands in the Maldives, and the chain is surrounded by thousands of small coral reefs and coral gardens.  The rich waters beyond the coral reefs are a prime feeding ground for manta rays and other large sea life. On shore, you’ll find white sand beaches, beautiful countryside, and friendly people who are happy to see you.

When you dive the Maldives, you share the waters with an amazing bounty of unique sea life. The coral reefs are teeming with life. There are amazing species of coral and sponges, some found nowhere else in the world.  The manta and eagle rays are a favorite of many divers, and who doesn’t love sharing the sea with the mammoth marvel, the whale shark?

The coral is vibrant and breathtaking at every turn. Photographers love to dive the Maldives, as it is almost impossible to get a bad picture. No matter which way you point your lens, there’s going to be something to see!

Drift diving in the Maldives is an exhilarating thrill, and a way to experience the world’s waters totally unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Feel the power of the ocean and understand the majesty of this planet in a whole new way. Maldives scuba is truly magical.

Maldives Islands Dive Trip

Maldives scuba is a life-changing experience. To make the most of your trip, you’ll want to choose a live-aboard dive boat.  We’ve found that Maldives live aboard diving just gets better every year. The Maldives Princess and the Ark Royal combine luxury accommodations with access to some of the best diving sites in the South Asia seas.  You will come back from your trip feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and exhilarated by the experience of diving in these pristine, beautiful waters.

Live-Aboard Diving

The Maldives Princess Live Aboard Experience

If you’re looking for an exceptional Maldives live aboard experience, you won’t be disappointed by the Maldives Princess. The Maldives Princess is a beautiful boat with plenty of amenities to keep you active following your dives.

Scuba Diving in the Maldives: The Accommodations

The Maldives Princess accommodates a total of 22 divers with 6 twin rooms and 3 queen rooms on the lower deck. For a truly luxurious experience, this Maldives live aboard also offers 2 gorgeous ocean view suites on the upper deck furnished with queen sized beds. Every room is air conditioned for increased comfort and comes with a TV and a blu-ray/DVD player to enjoy during your downtime. All rooms also provide private en-suite bathrooms.

Scuba Diving in the Maldives: The Amenities

It’s called the “Princess” because aboard this Maldives live aboard you’ll feel like royalty. Sit in the roomy lounge on the main deck and enjoy the breathtaking views of the water all around you. At the bar you can relax with a drink after a long day of diving. If you ran your camera battery dry on your last dive, fear not, for the Maldives Princess has a specially designated camera charging room.

A fun, relaxing atmosphere is the name of the game on this Maldives live aboard. Meet new dive buddies while kicking back on the sun deck or relaxing in the fresh water Jacuzzi. And don’t forget to come hungry! The Maldives Princess offers 3 meals a day either in the lounge or in the outdoor dining area.

Scuba Diving in the Maldives: Don’t Forget the Dhoni

The dhoni is a separate boat taking you to and from your dives. For your safety and convenience, the small dive boat holds 2 compressors, 1 Nitrox membrane, 12 liter tanks and 2 divemasters.

Experience the Magic of the Sea: Maldives Scuba

With pristine white sand beaches, healthy, thriving, colorful coral reefs, abundant sea life, and some of the friendliest people to be found anywhere on the planet, the Maldives is renowned as one of the world’s best scuba dive destinations.  Now it is more affordable than ever for divers to explore this one of a kind natural paradise!

Maldives Scuba Magic: Dive With Manta Rays

The Maldives Islands are surrounded by thousands of small colorful coral reefs, home to a vibrant array of sea life.  Beyond the coral reefs, the currents are stronger and rich with small sea life.  This makes the Maldives incredibly attractive to Manta Rays. These gentle giants love to swim slowly through the area, enjoying the warm water and feeding. You can see spotted rays and eagle rays, as well as larger sea life including whale sharks and the occasional hammerhead.

Maldives Scuba Magic: The World’s Best Drift Diving

The strong currents surrounding the Maldives make this a prime location for superior drift diving.  Choose to voyage on either the Ark Royal or the Maldives Princess – both boats offer the very best Maldives live aboard dive experience – and you’ll be brought to the region’s best dive locations. Enjoy the pristine conditions, rich array of diverse sea life, and the experience of diving with a skilled, experienced, and very friendly team of dive professionals.

Every diver should have the chance to experience Maldives scuba.  The beauty of the region is unmatched. The sea life is rich and abundant. The Maldives live aboard scuba experience pairs below-the-waves adventure with luxurious comfort on board.

Dive in Bali

Bali is one of the most sort out travel destinations in the world, and top island destination. Bali is Indonesia’s most important tourism hot spot and Scuba Diving in Bali is some of the most popular in Indonesia, with both boat and shore based diving provided by hotels, resorts and dive centers around the island. With its Volcanic peaks, blinding green rice paddies, teeming coral reefs, and warmhearted people, Bali is simply too irresistible to miss.

Bali has the pleasure of sitting on one side of the Lombok Strait, and it is here that we have one of the greatest tidal flows on earth, part of the Indonesian Through-flow, responsible for exchanges of water between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. This is a very nutrient rich area, giving rise to a very vibrant and diverse marine ecosystem.

Bali is home to the world famous Liberty wreck. Torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942, beached in Tulamben and subsequently rolled into the sea by earth tremors from the Gunung Agung eruption in 1963, she is now one of the most easily accessible wreck dives in the World.

Bali is also a regular hangout for the incredible Mola Mola, know by many other names around the world from Sunfish, Moonfish to swimming head. July to September is the time to try and see these oceanic beauties.

Counting Pygmy Seahorses in Amed Bay, spotting the Frog fish on the Jupun, finding yourself face too face with a cuttlefish in Blue Lagoon, join the sharks for a rest in Gili Biaha, be overshadowed by Manta at Manta Point or just watch the view as you drift along in Nusa Penida. Whatever your fancy, Bali has it all.

From our purpose built training pool in Seminyak, ( map ) where we offer free Scuba Try outs, and free scuba tune ups, to our Padang Bay based speed boat, we are able to offer you the best of Bali, under the waves.