Thursday, April 14, 2016

Advice for Traveling With a Two-Year Old

Advice for Traveling With a Two-Year OldI think it is great that you are starting off traveling with your children while they are so young. They will love everything you do with him so plan a trip that is fun and easy for you. As they get older you can plan busier, more adventurous itineraries. Within a few years or less, traveling with them will be as natural and easy as going to your local restaurant.

Some suggestions:

1) Do not plan any long drives given the young age. Children get restless in the car at that age.

2) Keep your itinerary simple with lots of play time .

3) Chose a place that is safe and child friendly.

Two destination suggestions are:

1) National Parks. These are wonderful places for all ages. They are reasonably priced, child friendly and safe. We have information about Utah posted on our site or if you email Brenda where you live, she can email you back some suggestions.

2) The Riviera Maya. Read all about this wonderful place on my Web site. Before leaving the country, you must read our section on documentation. No vaccinations required, only a valid passport for each of you.

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