Friday, March 25, 2016

Where eat in Rome

Where eat in Rome

When someone speaks about food in Rome you usually think about a very good way of cooking.

There are many different ethnic groups that live in this huge capital with their traditions and their cooking.

The choice could be difficult if you’re not sure of your ideas, instead if you know what you want to eat then you will have no difficulty to choose the best local.

There are many restaurants in Rome where you can eat: man could opt for a good Italian restaurant, with the varieties of regional cooking, or for foreign food. Chinese and Japanese restaurants are very famous and you can find them everywhere in Rome with Mexican and tasty cooking and delicious Indian locals.

Traveling Internationally with Your Kids

We'd like to talk about how to travel internationally (or just long distances) with your children, all hopefully seasoned  with a bit of humor.

If you've visited us before, you can jump right to what's new  or, if you're not sure where to start, start here.

We like traveling with our children, and wish the same for you. That said, if you're changing diapers at home, you'll be changing them at Buckingham Palace too. The non-diapering parts of the trip are what we'll try and help you with here (and we know where to buy paper diapers in London).

Your children will open up new things to you as you travel. Honest, even if they are not well-behaved, no matter what the guy in the seat in front of you is saying (we also talk about the best airline seats for families).

Things are not the same everywhere. Foreign cities are not big theme parks. People think, eat, play and complain in different ways. There are more differences than similarities out there. This is the real stuff, what makes EPCOT Center only an appetizer, not a Happy Meal.

Decide how much of the trip is going to be FOR the kids and how much will be WITH  the kids, though keep in mind that any trip will include a dose of each (and we have tips for the l-o-n-g) flight.